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We accept submissions of up to 3,000 words about…
∙ foods and wines themselves
∙ cooking
∙ markets
∙ cookbooks
∙ restaurants
∙ personal gastronomic histories
∙ lunch breaks
∙ picnics
∙ culinary educations
∙ politics of food
∙ food and physiology
∙ personal profiles
∙ hospitality
∙ family traditions
∙ the best meals ever

Submissions are gauged for literary quality, focus and intrigue, and not for gastronomic sophistication. We are eager to print stories about fine dining, and also about your mother’s corned beef, or a 14 year-old’s impressions of her school lunches. Of course, all submissions about the work of the kitchen are especially welcome.

Recipes and bottle notes: in addition to general submissions, kitchen work™ also seeks submissions for recipes and bottle notes—a section of the journal devoted to favorite recipes or bottles of wine. these should include the recipe itself, or the name of the wine, and 500 words or fewer about its significance or some experience with it.

How to Submit

1. Send all inquires to
2. Write a brief (100 words or fewer) cover letter in the email body, including word count, and characterization of the submission as non-fiction, fiction or poetry, or of the illustration.
3. Please submit writing as attachments formatted in Microsoft Word or with Google Docs, illustrations may be submitted as PDF's.


Only previously unpublished works will be considered for publication. Accepted submissions will receive responses within 30 days of submission.

Current Rates

Authors of accepted submissions are paid $0.10 per word.  Illustrators are paid $100 per accepted illustration. This payment buys first serial rights in our print and digital editions; the copyright reverts to the author immediately upon publication.